Friday, February 18, 2011


     I am a former X-Box 360 owner but i traded it in recently which was a big mistake. I wish I wouldn't have got a PS3 because of a recent piece of amazing technology came out for the 360, it is called Kinect. Kinect is a camera that reads your motions and puts it on the television. It allows you to control the game with your own body motions.
     A major problem in our society is obesity and it is a good thing that games our now introducing movement's and let people get off the couch and maybe even loose some weight. Kinect is unique because it does not require a remote unlike the Wii or the PS3 move.
     I have never personally tried Kinect for the X-Box but i hope to soon, i think it is a very awesome piece of technology that I hope I like. If anyone reading this that has tried the Kinect leave a comment below and let me know how you like it. Here is a picture of the kinect.

Monday, February 14, 2011


     Today was fun friday in our IP10 class, we got to see some very cool peices of technology on a website called, It is a website that shows all new technology that is coiming into our world. We got to what 2 videos, one about a multi-touch touch screen and very awsome website that allows you to see things from around the world throught different peoples pictures, the website is called,
     The multi-touch touch screen video was from 2006, we are already seeing things like the Ipod Touches and the Ipads that already have brought the multi-touch screens into the publics hands but this peice of technology was very interseting in its own way. it have very cool applacations/programs that I found were very intersting.
     The last video we got to watch was about a webstie that allowed you to explore the world in detail from others peoples photos all gathered into one website. You can look at the CN tower to the the beautiful city of Las Vegas! You should really take a look at this website, I highly recomend you check it out!
     With all of these awsome new peices of technoloies and softwares coming out, it is hard to keep up with finding out what new ones are coming out, is a great website that got me to find these awsome new technologies.