Monday, June 13, 2011

Reflection on UJAM

     UJAM was an all around goof experience if you are looking for a amateur way to make music. It is not the easiest way to figure out but when you do it is a blast to use. There is a video i would definitely recommend watching before you do any work on that website. It is right at the home page of, it is a very helpful video and it goes over all the basics for you to start making your music. I would not recommend this website to you if you are looking at making a album or a high end song. All in all i will give this website a 7/10, it is not amazing but not terrible.

Making a Difference

     Everyone can make a difference in this world, its just the fact that you have to want to help others. I have always had a positive learning experience with the smart board we have in our class room. It gets you to interact with the material you are being taught. My goal is to put 1 smart board into every school in Saskatchewan. Smart boards are not cheep, that is why i am going to put together a organization called "Let the Kids Learn". It is going to put on fundraisers such as magic shows, concerts, etc to raise money to buy and install smart boards. It will take some hard work, dedication, and lots of volunteers to make this possible. That is why we need your help, if you would like to join the organization "Let the Kids Learn" go to our website and check us out at We are going to make a difference for the kids of Saskatchewan, anything is possible.