Friday, March 18, 2011

Japans Earthquake

     Recentally there was a earthquake that happened about 100 miles of the coast of Japan, when there is an earthquake in the water it creates somthing called a sunami. Sunamis are massive waves that can do some serious damage. Unfortunally that wave that hit Japan was 3 stories high and did some serious damage to the cities by the coast. The sunami created more serious situations than just water in the streets, it is causing  reacter problems. They can not cool down the reater which is dangerious becasue it could explode and send deadly radiation into the air. I give all my prayers and wishes to the people in japan, the world is going to help you. There is video footage and updates on CNN website so go check it out.

Friday, March 4, 2011


     One of my favorite commercials were those Mac Computer ones, the one where the Justin Long was the Mac and the other fat bald man was PC. I always laughed at them, but I never new how awesome Mac computers really were. About a year ago me and my family purchased a Mac Desktop and it was amazingly fast that had so many applications and other cool things. I highley recomend you get a Mac because they are amazing.
     Apple does not just make computers but it also has another huge product, a little thing called the Ipod. The Ipod is basically a MP3 on steroids, i personally like the Ipod Touch's because they have awsome and cool games on it. It lets you go on the internet and watch videos on a larger screen than the other Ipods. Just because I like the Ipod touch's doesnt mean the other Ipod models are bad, they are all well made products that let you listen to your favorite songs.
     So next time you see a Apple store go in a take a look at some Mac computers and othe gadgets they might have because they are very well made and have awsome software. I sayed it once and ill say it again, I highly recomend any Apple products so go out and take a look!